The Hunter
Gender Male
Race Unknown
Location The Beach
Status Deceased
First game Zeno Clash

The Hunter is an antagonist and bounty hunter from the game Zeno Clash. He is clad in long robes, a shield attatched to his right arm, and a mask made from the shell of a crab. His weapon of choice is a Musket, although he is skilled in hand to hand combat. He is also infamous for strapping barrels of gunpowder to squirrels before throwing them to the ground and shooting them, which makes a good substitute for skull bombs.

The Hunter is blind, but this does not hinder him in battle. The bomb-strapped squirrels he uses in battle emit high-pitch noises and follow his targets, he uses this to his advantage and shoots the explosives rather than his target in order to kill.


The Hunter is mostly seen clad in long robes, wielding his weapon of choice, the Musket, and a shield on his right arm. He also has a mask made from the shell and legs of crab, as well as necklace around his neck. When not wearing the robes, it is seen that he has vines dangling from his arms and legs and bright, red shoes. He also has very sharp nails/claws, with which he most likely kills with in hand-to-hand combat.

Battle ThemeEdit

Zeno Clash Soundtrack The Bounty Hunter

Zeno Clash Soundtrack The Bounty Hunter