Gender Male
Race Human
First game Zeno Clash

Ghat is the main character and protagonist of Zeno Clash and Zeno Clash 2. He is a master of martial arts and a skilled fighter. But, although he primarily uses hand-to-hand combat, he also knows how to use Muskets, Dual-Fishguns, Crossbows, Skull Bombs, and Grenade Guns. He can also use Melee Weapons to handle heavyweight enemies.


Ghat has somewhat pale skin and black hair which is shaved in lines along the side of his head. He has facepaint going along his cheeks and above his mouth, similair to that of Metamoq's (possibly meant to signify that he trained with Metamoq). Ghat wears pants that appear to made of wrapped cloth and several pieces of loose "armor" made of either bone, leather, or steel. On his left leg, he has a trinket with an image of a grimacing face on it. He also carries a long, tube-shaped pack on his back, which is used in the original Zeno Clash to gather dead rabbits.